増本鈴音/Suzune Masumoto



ザルツブルク・モーツァルテウム音楽大学夏期マスタークラス、European  Music Institute Vienna、Musikferien am Starnberger See  Meisterkurs、Schloss Akademieを修了。

渡辺玲子、Alissa Margulis、Christoph Poppen各氏の特別レッスンを受講。


現在、Kirill Troussov、石井志都子、Michael Gaiser各氏に師事。室内楽を山田百子氏に師事。

高校生の頃から自主企画コンサートを企画運営する。2018年に塚本香央里氏が主宰する「音の旅人®︎」に出演。2019年「荻窪音楽祭」に出演。2020年には「30日間ライブコンサートプロジェクト in 武蔵ホール」に姉妹で出演。その他、オーケストラや室内楽演奏に積極的に関わる。

2021年6月に「Trio Lila」を同級生と共に結成。コンサートの企画運営を中心に活動中。主に2nd Violinを担当している。

また、音楽活動の傍ら「学生エバンジェリストアワード2021Autumn」に音楽家・ヴァイオリニストとして出場し、ファイナリストに選出。Bronze Award Winner(第3位)と特別賞のワンダーラーニング賞を受賞。クラシック音楽の魅力を伝えるために「聴衆の耳を育てる」と「音楽家であり続ける世界を切り拓く」を掲げ、さまざまな活動を展開中。

Suzune Masumoto / Violin・Geige

Suzune Masumoto started playing violin at 4 years old. She graduated from Toho Gakuen Music High School. She is currently working towards to receive her Bachelor of Music degree in violin from Toho Gakuen School of Music in 2022.

She won the 2nd prize at 14th Cecilia International Music Competition and 36th Junior Classical Music Competition in Japan. Also, she won the 3rd prize at 22th “The Great Wall of the China” International Music Competition. In 2020, she won at the 21st OSAKA International Music Competition. And she won  the Espoir Prize at the Concerto Audition of 21st OSAKA International Music Competition. 

From 2016 to 2017, she held four concerts with her classmates. She performed in Mie-prefecture and “Gallery Yuubi” in Ogikubo-ward. In 2018, she held the concert with her little sister and her mother. In 2019, she begins “Le petit chou ensemble” that performed at 32th Music festival in Ogikubo. In May 2020 she and her little sister joined “30days Live-concert project in Musashi-hall” and they played Violin Duo at YouTube Live of that project.

She took Summer master class of the Vienna University in Austria, Winter International Seminar in Munich, Summer Master Class of the Mozarteum University of Music in Salzburg, Master Class of European Music Institute Vienna, Master Class of Musikferien am Starnbergersee. She took the Special Lesson by Reiko Watanabe, Alissa Margulis and Christoph Poppen.

She has studied Violin with Shizuko Ishii, Gaiser Michael and Kirill Troussov. Also, she has been coached by Momoko Yamada and studied secondary piano with Yuumi Tamaki and Yasuyuki Oda.